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You are not a thing, the thing is not you

2015 | concrete flooring, tiles, drain lid, drawing


The work was created for Valtio+ (State+) exhibition that took place in a former Turku County Prison in Kakolanmäki. The piece consists of two parts, a drawing that was placed inside a segregation cell and a sculpture that was cast outside on the yard. The drawing was depicting the ground plan of the same cell where it was hanged. The sculpture was a copy of the floor of same segregation cell. It was cast and tiled on place and included all the detailing of the original.


Sari Palosaari_Valtio+__Arte ry


Sari Palosaari_Valtio+_Arte ry_Turku


Sari Palosaari_Valtio+_Arte ry_Turku




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Silent Space, Gallen-Kallela Museum, 30.1. – 29.5.2015

Silent Space – Intensified Integrities

Gallen-Kallela Museum, Tarvaspää, Espoo

30.1. – 29.5.2015

Curator Nina Backman

Artists: Nina Backman, Lene Berg, Viva Granlund, Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir ja Ólafur Kolbeinn Guðmundsson, Lise Björne Linnert, Mia Hamari, Marja Helander ja Sari Palosaari














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Contextual Choreography: Hidden Mad House, Mad House Helsinki, 22.-24.9.2015



Simo Kellokumpu, Sari Palosaari ja Mikko Hyvönen

Contextual Choreography: Hidden Mad House

Mad House Helsinki, 22.-24.9.2015,

Suvilahti, Tiivistämö



In spring 2015 three artists formed an artistic research group for Kellokumpu’s on-going artistic research Contextual Choreography. The group worked in Saari residency on July 2015. Based on working together every artist bring to Mad House a proposal, gesture or an artistic work, which articulates and comments on the research questions.



Sari Palosaari_Mad House Helsinki


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