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In light of current events

3 RGB color and ambient light sensors, light emitting wall (162 led light rails and 162 u-profile glasses)


3 RGB color and ambient light sensors that detect the incoming light from one point in the sky is placed on top of the building, timed to work one at the time. A light emitting wall is translating the incoming data into temporally adjusting colors and brightnesses. During the day the data runs in real time and during the dark hours from the saved data of each day.

The illumination wall consists of  162 sandblasted u-profile glasses and 162 led light rails. It runs along the curved auditorium wall, facing toward the foyer space. It is located inside a auditorium volume that is enveloped with semitransparent glass and is situated above the main entrance of the hospital.

The work is realized in co-operation with White Arkitekter AB / Fredrik Mats Nilsson for Uppsala Akademiska Sjukhuset.

Electric technician Gregoire Rousseau, programming Eetu Huhtala, lighting entrepreneur SAAS Instruments.

Curator Lotta Mossum, commissioner Eva Rosengren / Uppsala Region, Kultur och bildning.

Winner of invitational competition.

Finalizing time August 2018.Inauguration of the hospital Sep 2019.


Sari Palosaari_Uppsala Akademiska Sjukhuset


Uppsala Akademiska Sjukhuset, public art, prosenttitaide


Sari Palosaari_In Light of Current Events_sketch

Sari Palosaari_In Light of Current Events_sketch

Sari Palosaari_In Light of Current Events_sketch



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