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Contextual Choreography, Circle and Cut, Cirko, Suvilahti, 25.-29.4.2016

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Silent Space, Gallen-Kallela Museum, 30.1. – 29.5.2015

Silent Space – Intensified Integrities

Gallen-Kallela Museum, Tarvaspää, Espoo

30.1. – 29.5.2015

Curator Nina Backman

Artists: Nina Backman, Lene Berg, Viva Granlund, Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir ja Ólafur Kolbeinn Guðmundsson, Lise Björne Linnert, Mia Hamari, Marja Helander ja Sari Palosaari














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Contextual Choreography: Hidden Mad House, Mad House Helsinki, 22.-24.9.2015



Simo Kellokumpu, Sari Palosaari ja Mikko Hyvönen

Contextual Choreography: Hidden Mad House

Mad House Helsinki, 22.-24.9.2015,

Suvilahti, Tiivistämö



In spring 2015 three artists formed an artistic research group for Kellokumpu’s on-going artistic research Contextual Choreography. The group worked in Saari residency on July 2015. Based on working together every artist bring to Mad House a proposal, gesture or an artistic work, which articulates and comments on the research questions.



Sari Palosaari_Mad House Helsinki


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Valtio+, Turun lääninvankila, Kakolanmäki, Turku, 11. -31.7.2015


Turun lääninvankila / former Turku regional prison, Kakolanmäki, Turku,

11. -31.7.2015

Presenting a new work You Are Not A Thing, The Thing Is Not You.


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Saari Residence, 13. – 19.7.2015

Saari Residence, 13. – 19.7.2015, Kone Foundation, Finland,

Workshop is a part of Simo Kellokumpu´s artistic doctoral thesis research “Contextual Choreography”.

Workgroup:  Simo Kellokumpu,  Mikko Hyvönen and Sari Palosaari.

Sari Palosaari_Saari Residence_work in progress


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International Video Art Festival “Now&After”, Moscow, Russia

International Video Art Festival “Now&After”

Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia
April 21 – June 21, 2015

For a special guest programme, AV-arkki has been invited to present a a selection of Finnish media art under the theme “Architectural Space”. We are very pleased to present the programme “Space Tripper”.

AV-arkki presents: Space Tripper

The programme presents experimental short films from current Finnish video and media artists, who investigate the dimensions of Architectural Space as a physical state of being as well as a mental state of mind.

Lauri Astala “Transit” (2014, 09:30)
Sari Palosaari “Showerama” (2006, 02:54)
Dave Berg “Barbieworld Experience Part 1. – Overture” (2014, 03:32)
Tuomas A. Laitinen “Rising” (2010, 16:53)
Erkka Nissinen “Material Conditions of Inner Spaces” (2014, 15:29)
Timo Vaittinen “In Da Clud” (2006, 00:55)
Ewa Gorzna “Rearranged” (2014, 09:47)
Jukka Silokunnas “Structural Change” (2012, 01:06)

Now&After’15 is organised by Media Art Centre Now&After. Now&After director and curator is Marina Fomenko.

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Galleriet Offkonsten!, Uppsala 11.2. – 15.3.2015

Galleriet Offkonsten! c/o Stadtsteatern

Sari Palosaari and White Architects AB

11.2. – 15.3.2015


The exhibition presents the first sketches for a public art work Cloud Cube (work title) for Uppsala Akademiska Sjukhusets J-Huset. The exhibition shows also two video installations.








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A View from Other Side, Moonshin Art Museum, Seoul, 22.10. – 20.11.2014


A View from Other Side

Moonshin Art Museum, Seoul, Korea, 22.10 – 20.11.2014


The concept behind the exhibition is rooted in an idea of landscape as a medium holding values and meanings in the culture that it belongs and in the beholder’s mind. The exhibition is organised by a collaborative team Kyung A Hong, curator, Ph.D, head of culture planning team of the university; Jinhee Na, curator of Moonshin Museum; Seihee Shon, independent curator.

Participating artists are IC-98 (Patrik Söderlund and Visa Suonpää), Elena Näsänen, Lauri Astala, Jani Ruscica, Miia Rinne, Sari Palosaari, Yongseok Oh, Jungju An, Sejin Kim, Sekwon Ahn, Heywon Kwon, and Minjeong Geum.


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Silent Space – Intensified Integrities, Punkt Ø, Galleri F 15, Moss, Norway, 27.9. – 23.11.2014

Silent Space – Intensified Integrities

Punkt Ø, Galleri F 15, Moss, Norway, 27.9. – 23.11.2014

Curator: Nina Backman, Co-curator & texts: Mika Hannula

Artists: Lene Berg, Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir, Mia Hamari, Marja Helander, Liise Björne Linnert, Sari Palosaari


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Future Shorts, Tampere Architecture Week, 21.9.2014

Future Shorts, Tampere Architecture Week

Bar 931, Tampere

Minimal Romantic is shown as part of the Future Shorts Programme in Tampere Architecture Week.

Distribution: AV-arkki

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Nordisk Panorama, Malmö Konsthall,19.-24.9.2014

Nordisk Panorama, Malmö Konsthall, Hal C


Minimal Romantic is shown as part of the Nordic Art Film Programme in the Nordisk Panorama Film Festival.

Distribution: AV-arkki

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Espoo Ciné, 27.8.2014

Espoo Ciné


Espoo Ciné in co-operation with Av-arkki are presenting Woolyworld (2003)

in Espoo Ciné and 25 years celebration of Av-arkki program.


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