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Silent Space, Gallen-Kallela Museum, 30.1. – 29.5.2015

Silent Space – Intensified Integrities

Gallen-Kallela Museum, Tarvaspää, Espoo

30.1. – 29.5.2015

Curator Nina Backman

Artists: Nina Backman, Lene Berg, Viva Granlund, Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir ja Ólafur Kolbeinn Guðmundsson, Lise Björne Linnert, Mia Hamari, Marja Helander ja Sari Palosaari














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Contextual Choreography: Hidden Mad House, Mad House Helsinki, 22.-24.9.2015



Simo Kellokumpu, Sari Palosaari ja Mikko Hyvönen

Contextual Choreography: Hidden Mad House

Mad House Helsinki, 22.-24.9.2015,

Suvilahti, Tiivistämö



In spring 2015 three artists formed an artistic research group for Kellokumpu’s on-going artistic research Contextual Choreography. The group worked in Saari residency on July 2015. Based on working together every artist bring to Mad House a proposal, gesture or an artistic work, which articulates and comments on the research questions.



Sari Palosaari_Mad House Helsinki


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Valtio+, Turun lääninvankila, Kakolanmäki, Turku, 11. -31.7.2015


Turun lääninvankila / former Turku regional prison, Kakolanmäki, Turku,

11. -31.7.2015

Presenting a new work You Are Not A Thing, The Thing Is Not You.


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Saari Residence, 13. – 19.7.2015

Saari Residence, 13. – 19.7.2015, Kone Foundation, Finland,

Workshop is a part of Simo Kellokumpu´s artistic doctoral thesis research “Contextual Choreography”.

Workgroup:  Simo Kellokumpu,  Mikko Hyvönen and Sari Palosaari.

Sari Palosaari_Saari Residence_work in progress


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International Video Art Festival “Now&After”, Moscow, Russia

International Video Art Festival “Now&After”

Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia
April 21 – June 21, 2015

For a special guest programme, AV-arkki has been invited to present a a selection of Finnish media art under the theme “Architectural Space”. We are very pleased to present the programme “Space Tripper”.

AV-arkki presents: Space Tripper

The programme presents experimental short films from current Finnish video and media artists, who investigate the dimensions of Architectural Space as a physical state of being as well as a mental state of mind.

Lauri Astala “Transit” (2014, 09:30)
Sari Palosaari “Showerama” (2006, 02:54)
Dave Berg “Barbieworld Experience Part 1. – Overture” (2014, 03:32)
Tuomas A. Laitinen “Rising” (2010, 16:53)
Erkka Nissinen “Material Conditions of Inner Spaces” (2014, 15:29)
Timo Vaittinen “In Da Clud” (2006, 00:55)
Ewa Gorzna “Rearranged” (2014, 09:47)
Jukka Silokunnas “Structural Change” (2012, 01:06)

Now&After’15 is organised by Media Art Centre Now&After. Now&After director and curator is Marina Fomenko.

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Galleriet Offkonsten!, Uppsala 11.2. – 15.3.2015

Galleriet Offkonsten! c/o Stadtsteatern

Sari Palosaari and White Architects AB

11.2. – 15.3.2015


The exhibition presents the first sketches for a public art work Cloud Cube (work title) for Uppsala Akademiska Sjukhusets J-Huset. The exhibition shows also two video installations.








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A View from Other Side, Moonshin Art Museum, Seoul, 22.10. – 20.11.2014


A View from Other Side

Moonshin Art Museum, Seoul, Korea, 22.10 – 20.11.2014


The concept behind the exhibition is rooted in an idea of landscape as a medium holding values and meanings in the culture that it belongs and in the beholder’s mind. The exhibition is organised by a collaborative team Kyung A Hong, curator, Ph.D, head of culture planning team of the university; Jinhee Na, curator of Moonshin Museum; Seihee Shon, independent curator.

Participating artists are IC-98 (Patrik Söderlund and Visa Suonpää), Elena Näsänen, Lauri Astala, Jani Ruscica, Miia Rinne, Sari Palosaari, Yongseok Oh, Jungju An, Sejin Kim, Sekwon Ahn, Heywon Kwon, and Minjeong Geum.


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Silent Space – Intensified Integrities, Punkt Ø, Galleri F 15, Moss, Norway, 27.9. – 23.11.2014

Silent Space – Intensified Integrities

Punkt Ø, Galleri F 15, Moss, Norway, 27.9. – 23.11.2014

Curator: Nina Backman, Co-curator & texts: Mika Hannula

Artists: Lene Berg, Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir, Mia Hamari, Marja Helander, Liise Björne Linnert, Sari Palosaari


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Future Shorts, Tampere Architecture Week, 21.9.2014

Future Shorts, Tampere Architecture Week

Bar 931, Tampere

Minimal Romantic is shown as part of the Future Shorts Programme in Tampere Architecture Week.

Distribution: AV-arkki

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Nordisk Panorama, Malmö Konsthall,19.-24.9.2014

Nordisk Panorama, Malmö Konsthall, Hal C


Minimal Romantic is shown as part of the Nordic Art Film Programme in the Nordisk Panorama Film Festival.

Distribution: AV-arkki

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Espoo Ciné, 27.8.2014

Espoo Ciné


Espoo Ciné in co-operation with Av-arkki are presenting Woolyworld (2003)

in Espoo Ciné and 25 years celebration of Av-arkki program.


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Visibility, Gallery Sinne, Helsinki, 30.5.- 29.6. 2014.


Gallery Sinne, Helsinki
30.5.- 29.6. 2014


My work usually starts from observations of the urban scene; I notice changes in built-up areas and I then choose to work with objects that seem to say something about our time.
Sari Palosaari

In the Visibility exhibition Sari Palosaari continues her investigation of people and the city. These are everyday images and views of the cityscape. She makes use of the structures and scenes that whizz by anonymously when she is commuting around the city. These buildings lack character and vision, but in their sheer numbers and monotonous repetition they add their own contribution to their surroundings.

Palosaari’s sculptures are made out of architectural elements that she brings into the gallery space. She makes use of the architectural underpinnings of the space and also work with scale, which in turn involves a play with distance and presence. Placed inside the constructions are materials and objects, with neither plan nor design. The videoworks in the exhibition are like pared-down, stylised diary entries. These are subtle perceptions that have stuck to the artist’s retina. Her material studies and carefully selected details of the cityscape inspire us to open up our senses to our surroundings, to listen to their whisperings and insinuations.

Palosaari has a distinctive feeling for breaking loose the stories that are hidden within the various materials. By calling into question the material’s role, function and location in our built environment she creates an image of the human being of our time. The silhouette that emerges bears the mark of short-sighted decision making, in which rapid economic solutions are given priority over practical, innovative artistic ambitions. The new urban milieu is thus not a solution to a previously existing problem, but a totally new problem in itself.

In the Visibility exhibition Palosaari works with transparent building materials. These are primarily employed in public buildings and for commercial purposes, but have now also spread to residential areas. The use of transparent elements in a housing context shifts the boundary of the public ever closer to the intimate, and vice versa. At the same time, changes are occurring in social structures, and we are now compelled to reflect on a number of levels on what kind of impression we give of ourselves and how we observe others. This raises questions about revealing and concealing, and about visibility and seeing. These questions are also linked to the underlying premises for the exhibition; the body, the space, the framework and the gesture.

Markus Åström


Integritet – en förlorad dyrgrip?

Observationer ur vardagen utgör stommen för Sari Palosaaris konstnärliga uttryck. Dem använder hon för att reflektera över den numera ofta hårfina skiljelinjen mellan det privata och det allmänna, med and­ra ord över frågan om integritet.

Integritet är det dyrbaraste och sist och slutligen också det enda en människa kan äga. I dagens översocialiserade samhälle faller detta lätt i glömska och ersätts av strävan efter en tanklös öppenhet utan förbehåll. Sari Palosaari uppmärksammar det som av tradition har gömts undan, triviala om än nödvändiga och till synes självfallna fragment. De får här symbolisera företeelser som förr ansågs alltför intima för främmande ögon men som nu villigt blottas för vem som helst.

De arkitektoniska elementen är neutralt formade och smälter samman med rummets fysiska verklighet. Det är som om det skulle vara fråga om ett slags mellanrum, någonting som håller på att bli till eller som lämnats åt sitt öde.

Endast spåren efter människan återstår. Dem ser man som kvarglömda ting på en balkong där någonting inte riktigt stämmer. De väggar som tidigare skyddade för insyn har efter dagens nya sedvänjor gjorts i glas som i stället för att dölja snarare blir en inbjudan. Paradoxalt nog har persiennerna på den övre delen omsorgsfullt dragits för.

Ambivalensen är uppenbar och illustrerar väl de motsatta budskap som även i övrigt präglar vår tid. Balkongscenen skulle tillsammans med de i övrigt jordnära elementen funge­ra ännu bättre med en verklighetstrogen skala i stället för den lätt absurda reduceringen.

Realismen till trots utmärks rummet av det drömska och dröjande. I rörliga bilder gestaltas en närvaro som förblir bortom definitioner. En tunn hinna, verklig eller imaginär, tycks uppenbara sig mellan betraktaren och det hon ser. För att ytterligare betona frågan om närvaro och skiftningar av perspektiv poängteras plötsligt existensen av ett fönsterglas.

På tv-skärmen uppstår det en serie flyktigt måleriska skeenden som inleds där och får en fortsättning i galleriets stora fönster. Också på dem har satts en tunn hinna som löser upp de realistiska rörelserna på gatan utanför och transformerar dem till ett eteriskt skådespel, ständigt pågående och fyllt av efemär poesi. Det tillfälliga förenas med det mera bestående och resulterar i sporadiska förtätningar.

Leena Kuumola













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