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Slicing (2015)

HD video | duration 1;17 | silent

Sari_Palosaari_Slicing_video still

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Air Gap (2014)

HD video | duration 0;30 | silent | loop

Sari_Palosaari_Air_Gap_video still


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Back to Front (2014)

HD video | duration 2;30 loop | silent


Sari Palosaari_gallery Sinne




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Minimal Romantic (2011)

HD video, duration 3;39 | Sound Ilkka Olander / Studio Äänitaivas | Supported by AVEK / Heidi Tikka


Sari Palosaari_Minimal Romantic_video still


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Grid (2008)

SD video  |  Original miniDV  |  Duration 4:59 loop | Format 4:3 | Sound


The video depicts an absurd scene of maintenance work on a glass roof on a smoggy day. The image could be animated yet is an authentic shot on a real location. It is filmed at the Beijing’s International Airport designed by Sir Norman Foster. The work captures an image of the environmental changes on the era of digital design.

Sari Palosaari_Grid_video still

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Protagonist (2007)

SD video |  original miniDV  |  duration 9:31  |  stereo sound


– A giant is arriving to Shanghai city. He starts to repair the buildings. A cup of tea tastes while working.–

The video is filmed in the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall in China. The exhibited scale model shows the ambitious plans of Shanghai to become the ideal city of the world. In the video one sees a man walking on the river Huangpu that crosses the scale model of the city. The giant walks with only socks on, sits on his tool case and starts to repair the electric illumination of the buildings.

Where the western world perspective for the better future has declined, is China building towards its future with enthusiasm.

















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