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Matter of Time (2017)

Stones, soundless cracking agent, silt, birch plywood, trestle legs
The works process is stilll going on in Varbergs Konsthall, Sweden, in exhibition Material Thought, curated by Kati Kivinen

Sari_Palosaari_Material Thought_Varbergs Konsthall


Sari Palosaari_Varbergs_Konsthall


Sari Palosaari_Varbergs Konsthall


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Elastic Limit (2017)

Stones, soundless cracking agent, stone tile, found stone brick and drilled stone pieces, rubber yarn, weathered hybrid polymer glue sealant, steel, glass, painted mdf, Art Deco entrance hall in the industrial area Iso-Heikintie in Turku


Sari Palosaari_cache_gallery Titanik_Turku


Sari Palosaari_cache_gallery Titanik_Turku


Sari Palosaari_cache_gallery Titanik


Sari Palosaari_cache_gallery Titanik and off-site location_Turku


Sari Palosaari_cache_gallery Titanik

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