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Matter of Time (2017)

Stones, soundless cracking agent, silt, birch plywood, trestle legs
The works process is stilll going on in Varbergs Konsthall, Sweden, in exhibition Material Thought, curated by Kati Kivinen

Sari_Palosaari_Material Thought_Varbergs Konsthall


Sari Palosaari_Varbergs_Konsthall


Sari Palosaari_Varbergs Konsthall


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In Light of Current Events (6/2018)

Rgb color and ambient light sensor, illumination wall (162 led light rails and 162 u-profile glasses)


A color and light sensor is placed on top of the hospital building. It detects the incoming light from a point in the sky, its intensity and its color in RGB color space. A light emitting wall is translating the incoming data into temporally adjusting colors and brightnesses.

During the day the data runs in real time and during the dark hours from the information that was saved during the day. The real time information illuminates the whole 135 m2 area around the auditorium, whereas only singular canals are illuminated at night time, switching places as the color data changes.

The illumination wall, with 162 sandblasted u-profile glasses and 162 led light rails, runs around the curved auditorium, facing toward the foyer space. The auditorium volume is enveloped with semitransparent glass facade and situated above the main entrance of the hospital. Therefor the art work impacts also the outside surrounding.

The work is realized in co-operation with White Arkitekter AB / Fredrik Mats Nilsson  for Uppsala Akademiska Sjukhuset.

Electric technician Gregoire Rousseau, programming Eetu Huhtala.

Curator Lotta Mossum, commissioner Eva Rosengren / Uppsala Region.

Winner of invitational competition.

Finalizing time June / 2018.

Sari Palosaari_In Light of Current Events_sketch


Sari Palosaari_In Light of Current Events

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Building Images (2016)

Drywall extensions, light switch, socket, glass, aluminum profiles, every day objects and materials


Sari Palosaari_gallery Hippolyte


Sari Palosaari_detail_galleria Hippolyte


Sari_Palosaari_Installation detail


Sari Palosaari_galleria Hippolyte_Helsinki


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Slicing (2015)

HD video | duration 1;17 | silent

Sari_Palosaari_Slicing_video still

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You Are Not A Thing, The Thing Is Not You (2015)

Concrete floor, tiles, drain lid, drawing


The work was created for Valtio+ (State+) exhibition that took place in a former Turku Regional Prison in Kakolanmäki, Turku. The piece consists of two parts, a drawing that was placed inside a segregation cell and a sculpture that was cast outside on the yard of the prison. The drawing was depicting the ground plan of the same cell where it was hanged and a larger map of the cell´s location inside the prison. The sculpture was a copy of the floor of same segregation cell that was `moved´ outside. It was cast and tiled on place and included all the detailing of the original.

The connection with the two parts would be detected while walking about in the prison and the exhibition. The sculpture could be seen on each floor from the staircase window. The work enabled to view and encounter the cell´s floor space outside without the oppressing and overwhelming prison atmosphere.

Eventually the nature would take the piece over.


Sari Palosaari_Valtio+__Arte ry


Sari Palosaari_Valtio+_Arte ry_Turku


Sari Palosaari_Valtio+_Arte ry_Turku




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Blinds (2014)

Extension for the gallery walls, hot galvanized steel railing, glass, blinds, aluminum, veneer, mdf, rubber, plastic, textile





Sari_Palosaari_Blinds_Projektraum Meinblau






Sari Palosaari_Blinds_Projektraum Meinblau



Sari Palosaari_Blinds_Gallery Sinne








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Air Gap (2014)

HD video | duration 0;30 | silent | loop

Sari_Palosaari_Air_Gap_video still


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Back to Front (2014)

HD video | duration 2;30 loop | silent


Sari Palosaari_gallery Sinne




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By the Way (2014)

Extensions for the gallery walls, hot galvanized steel mesh door, transportation boxes of the piece Blinds, utensils for building the exhibition


Sari Palosaari_By the way_gallery Sinne



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