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Minimal Romantic (2011)

Metal profile and plywood constructions, acrylic sheets,  HD video projection, lighting, sound | Sound  Ilkka Olander | Duration 2;38


The work includes a 6m x 2,4m curved projection screen, architectural constructions , projections and sound. During the duration of the piece the video runs a loop and after every loop the ramp gets illuminated. A spectator walks on top of the ramp to view the video. At the end the image fades to black while the light that illuminates the constructions has expanded to cover the whole construction on the floor.

In the video there is a glass cube that protrudes the wall of a skyscraper high up above an urban landscape. Inside the cube there are people viewing to the distant horizon. One hears a slightly volatile, minimal sound, when the cube rises up along the axis of the image. The slow rising movement is emphasized with the sound that reaches a level of disturbance until the point it snaps to a complete silence at the very moment the cube reaches its highest point. For some time one can still hear the echo of the sound that suddenly was cut away. A free fall begins. The image scatters into multiple cubicles that float over the view.

The images of the photo animation show the look out ledge of the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. I visited the location in 2008 while staying in Public Media Institute. When I came up with my study of “architecture of viewing” I went through the material that I had from the location and studied and collected images from the Internet. The collected tourist and news images were then animated into a moving image work.


The work was originally realized for the Purnu Art Centre, which had its impact on the making of the piece. The idea to study “the architecture of viewing” started from Purnu, reflecting the modern atelier architecture that was designed for viewing and the surrounding romantic idyll with pier to the lake that one can use for gazing to the horizon.


Sari Palosaari_Purnun Taidekeskus


Sari Palosaari_Purnun Taidekeskus


Sari Palosaari_Purnun Taidekuskus


Sari Palosaari_Jyväskylän Taidemuseo


Sari Palosaari_ Jyväskylän taidemuseo


Sari Palosaari_Jyväskylän taidemuseo_video installaatio


Minimal Romantic, Augusta, Suomenlinna


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