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Wrestling Classics

2018 | #1 Marcel Breuer Cesca chair frame, t-shirt, #2 tubular steel chair frame, t-shirt (entangled with Atmospheric #2)

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Cooling effect

2018 | chair, float glass

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In light of current events

RGB color and ambient light sensors, light emitting wall, glass channels 


RGB color and ambient light sensors detecting the incoming light from one point in the sky, were placed on top floor of the building and timed to work one at the time. A light emitting wall is translating the incoming data into temporally adjusting tones and intensities of light. During day time the light tunes to surrounding conditions of light and during the dark hours the data recorded of each day runs in shortened loops.

The work is located inside the auditorium volume that is enveloped with semitransparent glass. The light emitting wall runs along the curved auditorium wall facing toward the foyer space.


The work is realized in co-operation with White Arkitekter AB / Fredrik Mats Nilsson for Uppsala Akademiska Sjukhuset.

Electric technician Gregoire Rousseau, programming Eetu Huhtala, lighting entrepreneur SAAS Instruments.

Curator Lotta Mossum, commissioner Eva Rosengren / Uppsala Region, Kultur och bildning.

Winner of invitational competition.

Inauguration 2019.


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It´s a silent agent doing its thing

2016 | Rocks, soundless cracking agent, sound of a stone splitting, building materials from location and from studio practise


The work makes use of soundless cracking agent, an expansive mortar, that was developed for splitting rock and concrete in urban densely built areas without any noise or vibration. The cracking is a result of pressure created by the expanding agent. In the installation the moment when the stones crack is unpredictable. Whereas the new, silent and unobtrusive method improves efficiency in urban construction, in the exhibited piece it works in the opposite direction. The time in the installation makes no concession to the gallery’s opening hours neither to the stuff or viewer’s schedules. The stones are cracking in their own time.


Sari Palosaari_Gallery Hippolyte_Helsinki




Sari Palosaari It´s A Silent Agent Doing Its Thing


Sari Palosaari_It´s A Silent Agent


Sari Palosaari_It ´A Silent Agent Doing Its Thing_process


Sari_Palosaari_It´s A Silent Agent Doing Its Thing_process


Sari Palosaari_It´s A Silent Agent Doing Its Thing_ process




Sari Palosaari_Silent_Agent


Sari Palosaari Gallery Hippolyte




Sari_Palosaari_Attach, Expand, Collapse

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Back to front

2014 | HD video | duration 2;30 loop | silent

Sari Palosaari_gallery Sinne

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By the way

2014 | extensions for the gallery walls, hot galvanized steel mesh door, transportation boxes of the piece Blinds, utensils for building the exhibition


Sari Palosaari_By the way_gallery Sinne



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Minimal romantic

2011 | HD video, duration 3;39 | Sound Ilkka Olander / Studio Äänitaivas
Sari Palosaari_Minimal Romantic_video still

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