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Line circle cut

2016 |performance, installation and following 2 channel video installation

The work was filmed during Simo Kellokumpu ´s Contextual Choreography: Hidden Madhouse process in Mad House Helsinki 2015 and was exhibited as a part of his artistic doctoral thesis exhibition Contextual Choreography, in Suvilahti, Maneesi, 25.-29.4.2016.


The work addresses encounters of performance, work, stage, studio, material and leftovers. It is an entanglement of materials (steel, image, text, sound, machines, tools, clothes, costumes) and actions, and their reciprocal intended and unintended affects.

Camera Joakim Pusenius
Edit in co-op with Joakim Pusenius

Sari Palosaari Line Circle Cut

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Contextual Choreography: Hidden Mad House, Mad House Helsinki, 22.-24.9.2015



Simo Kellokumpu, Sari Palosaari ja Mikko Hyvönen

Contextual Choreography: Hidden Mad House

Mad House Helsinki, 22.-24.9.2015,

Suvilahti, Tiivistämö



In spring 2015 three artists formed an artistic research group for Kellokumpu’s on-going artistic research Contextual Choreography. The group worked in Saari residency on July 2015. Based on working together every artist bring to Mad House a proposal, gesture or an artistic work, which articulates and comments on the research questions.



Sari Palosaari_Mad House Helsinki


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